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3 Reasons to Use a Toner!

3 Reasons to Use a Toner!

This week we are talking about toner! I have been using a spray toner for over 20 years, this has been one of my favorite steps in my skin care routine. The thing I love about toner is that you can use it throughout the day and it enhances the other steps in our routine.

Toner has been one of the most asked about products as well. Many of my clients did not see it as a major player in skin care and did not use it. They did not understand the function of toner and what the point was! Today I am going to highlight three reasons I love toner and how to use it!

  1. Use toner to complete the cleansing process. 

After cleansing the skin, you can tone to make sure your makeup is fully removed by spraying toner onto a cotton round and swiping all over your skin.

     2. Spray toner before you apply your treatment products.

Treatment products and serums are best absorbed when the skin is damp. It acts as a delivery system for the treatment step. A spray toner is best used right before the serums are applied for best results.

     3. Apply toner to set your make-up.

A great way to help your make-up looking its best all day is to set it with a toner. This keeps your make-up looking fresh and skin looking hydrated. 


My facial toner REPAIR, was the first product I came out with for the face because I have been such a fan of toner! I added lavender floral water as its base so I could have a relaxing element added. I love to use this throughout the day, keeping it at my desk or taking it on the run. It keeps my skin hydrated, protected from the elements and me feeling calm! 

Do you use toner? What is your favorite benefit you see? 

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Self Care 101!

Self Care 101!

The phrase self care has been going around a lot this year. I think in stressful times it is easy to forget to take care of ourselves and 2020 has been filled with struggle and challenges for many of us. 

Self care is taking actions that help promote our physical and mental well being. I think it is important to note this looks different for everyone. I see some people consider a pedicure self care and for me personally it is something I hate to do! (I know that seems weird, and now that we are locked down in California I could really go for one right about now!) 

I think of self care as something to do when you need to re-charge, re-energize and bring joy. Some of my personal favorite self care activities include:

  • Sitting on the couch and reading a book
  • Applying a facial mask and using my gua sha tool
  • Exercising
  • Meditating 
  • Talking to a friend
  • Going to the beach
  • Sleeping! 

Why is it hard to do?

I know getting self care time can be a challenge for many of us. Are you a mom? Well, you know all too well that having time for yourself can feel selfish, I mean can't you use that time to be vacuuming?? Many moms struggle taking the time for their self care, they think they could be doing something else with that time. I am so guilty of this. 

Another reason could be that during times of stress it is easier to lean into the instant gratification activities to take our mind of the stress (too much social media, drinking to take the edge off, eating a batch of cookies. Raise your hand if you are guilty of any of these!) I think that is why it is helpful to schedule in time to take care of yourself. I will take a bath tonight at 7pm when my kids are watching a movie for example. But the bottom line is, you know it's self care and not self destruction if you feel refreshed after and not more stressed, guilty or depressed!

Self care is such a great tool in times of stress, anxiety and this year has been full of that this year. What are some ways you incorporate self care? Let me know in the comments below! 




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The Experts Are Wrong!

The Experts Are Wrong!
We have all heard tips from the experts in skin care. So many rules for our skin care routines and many times these tips have become the skin care "law" you feel like you need to follow. Today I want to play devils advocate with 3 tips I hear over and over. I don't always agree with some of the expert advise out there so I am going to break a few things down. 


You have to wash your face every morning!

This is something I used to teach to spa staff as an educator, you have to wash your face twice a day. I think this rule depends on a few things. If you are super dry, washing your skin the night before and utilizing a great skin care routine, then I don't think you need to wash your face every morning. It also depends on what your morning routine is. Personally, I wake up and workout before I take a shower. So if I washed my face first thing that would mean I am washing my skin 3 times a day. That would be too drying for me because I already lack the oil and its a waste of my products.
However if you are oily and accumulate oil overnight, you will want to wash your skin to prevent clogging. And it goes without saying, if you didn't wash your skin the night before you most 
definitely need to wash first thing in the AM.

​Another cleansing myth is that you have to double cleanse. If you wear a ton of make-up this can be helpful but typically if you use an effective cleanser and have a good skin cleansing method, you will be good to go with one wash! I know this may seem controversial in this industry because we have been told to double cleanse. 

Retinol is the best anti-aging product and you need to use it every night if you have aging concerns. 

"All the celebrities are doing it"! Well it's true, retinol is amazing for many skin types! But not all. It is not the holy grail for all people. I have clients that have broken out from retinol and others that have been sensitized. I have also have seen it work for others. If you think you need to use this but it is causing problems for your skin, don't use it! There are other alternatives such as exfoliating a few times a week to help with cellular turnover.


The longer you leave your facial exfoliator or mask on, the better it is working.

I have heard from clients that have left their exfoliators on too long and actually burned themselves. Always follow the suggested directions on the box so you don't over do it. Again, more is not better *more time, more product, more days. In the skin care world, over exfoliation is so common, don't fall into this trap. It can negatively impact your skin. Also don’t let your clay masks fully dry, sprtiz with water or a toner so your mask stays moist and you are not irritating your skin during removal.

This goes back to my skin care philosophy, every one is unique. We can't use blanket statements because every skin is different and every person is different. Some people like to spend three hours in the bathroom getting their self-care on, you go girl! Others need quick and simple because when it gets complicated they give up. There is no one size fits all here do what's best for you! Don't let these so called experts judge or shame you. If in doubt ask me a question, I am happy to bust any myths that are going 

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All About Skin Types!

All About Skin Types!
Today I want to talk about Skin Types. I have been talking about this on social media because it is foundational to your skin care routine. Knowing what your type is and your skin condition is how you determine which products you will need for healthy skin.  

Skin types are mostly genetic, you are born with the skin type you have. Unlike skin conditions which can change due to external and internal factors, with age and climate, skin types are pretty much set. There are things we can do to products we can use to improve the skin type and that is where facial treatments and skin care comes in! Below is a description of each skin type and what skin care works best for them! 

  • Normal- Normal skin is well balanced skin. My 6 year old has normal skin, but let me tell you, not many of us do! There is usually an overproduction or underproduction of oil. To be considered normal, we have a balance of oil, normal pore size and basically no skin imperfections. 
  • Dry- This skin type is defined as lack of oil in the skin, may be tight feeling and look dull. This type of skin can be worsened in dry climates and when exposed to harsh conditions. The pore size is usually very small and the skin may have a higher build up of dead skin cells. Fine lines and wrinkles may be more visible than an oily skin type. The positive side of dry skin is there is usually less or no acne breakouts.
  • Oily- There is an excess of oil (sebum) production in the skin. Oily skin can lead to breakouts and it is common to have shine during the day. The pore size can be enlarged making it easier to get clogged. The positive side of oily skin is fine lines and wrinkles do not show up as fast. I have had many clients who struggled to with breakouts, acne and makeup not staying on because of so much oil. But as they get older and the oil production slows, their skin looks amazing and they look so much younger. So this is a bonus! 
  • Combination- A mixture of all the skin types, different zones of the face. Can be combo with oily skin in certain zones and  dry and normal in other zones. A common pattern is an oily t-zone and normal or dry cheek area. You can even treat the skin with different products in different zones of the face for this skin type.

How to treat each skin type:

  1. Dry Skin- This skin type needs not only water hydration but oil. Dry skin does beautifully with facial oils and rich nourishing creams. Exfoliation is key because dead skin can accumulate faster with dry skin making the fine lines and wrinkles appear amplified.
  2. Oily Skin- Oily skin does not need extra oil, facial oils are not recommended for this skin type. One common mistake I see all the time is trying to "dry out" the skin to get rid of the oil with extra clarifying products and over exfoliation. The problem with this technique is the skin will overcompensate and begin to overproduce more oil leading to even more of the problem they are trying to fix! Stripping the skin is not the answer, in fact many of my clients can be a little dehydrated even though they have oil. For this I suggest using a hydration serum that helps balance and keep it lightweight. I have some clients on just a hyaluronic acid and that's all they need for their moisturizer. Exfoliation is also important for this skin type to keep the oil production in check.
  3. Combo Skin The above tips can be applied to this skin type, treat the zones according to the type of skin in that area. 

How do you know your skin type? 

Most people know their skin types, they can feel their dry skin or have to use blotting sheets to keep the oil at bay and know they have oily skin. When I had my first facial treatment at 18 years old, I thought I was oily because the lady at the cosmetics counter said I was! Well, that was totally the wrong diagnosis. I have always been super dry, and getting a professional treatment helped me figure that out. Skin care therapists can feel and see what your skin type is and what to recommend you use, so I always recommend  if you are unsure what yours is to get a facial. 

I hope this helps, please leave a comment if you are unsure of your skin type and need help figuring it out! 

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Transitioning from Summer skin care to Fall/Winter skin care!

Transitioning from Summer skin care to Fall/Winter skin care!
Now that we have officially reached "sweater weather" in most parts of the country, it is time to re-evaluate our skin care regimen. I have listed a few tips to help transition from summer season to the colder months and why we should consider this. We tend to see drier weather with less humidity and in some areas, weather that can leave the skin feeling chapped and red because of the cold and wind. Below are my three tips for keeping your skin looking healthy during this weather change! 

​1. Get a facial treatment- I make it a point to always get a facial after summer and after spending lots of time in the sun. Because we spend time at the beach and the pool I usually don't like to get treatments until the summer season is over. A facial helps combat damage received over the fun in the sun months! Because of Covid some spas may not be open or you may not feel comfortable getting one. Find something you can do at home and treat yourself to a spa day in your own bathroom. You can check out the TREATMENT for a kit with everything you need to have some skin pampering at home. 

2. Add a hydrating product- This time of year can lead to dry weather and leave your skin feeling tight or striped. Adding in some hydration can help keep it looking and feeling more plump and keep it glowing. It can be a hydrating serum or facial oil, especially if you are not currently using one. Even oily skin can lack water/hydration so even if you don't need an oil you can add a serum that is lightweight but adds protection and hydration. Look for a product with hyaluronic acid to keep your hydration and bind more to the skin.

3. Don’t leave behind the SPF! We still receive sun damage even when its colder and less sunny. I had so many clients in my treatment room tell me they only wear SPF in the summer. The sun is still there and sometimes when there is cloud coverage the damage can be even worse! Protecting your skin with SPF and covering with a hat can prevent damage to the skin, much easier than treating damage.   

I hope these tips are helpful and you have an idea of what to add this Fall and Winter. Do you feel a change in your skin during the season change? What do you use to protect your skin?

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This Ingredient is a Natural Brightener!

This Ingredient is a Natural Brightener!

Watermelon powder extract is the latest ingredient we are super excited about and have included it in our latest facial mask! This superfood is rich in vitamins such as A, B and C, along with potassium and amino acids. It contains Lycopene, which gives the melon its rich color. Lycopene is a powerful antioxidant and is used topically and internally to help with fine lines and wrinkles. 

Because it is a powerful antioxidant, it is ideal to use when treating sun damaged skin. Other benefits include: 

  • Hydration ​
  • Free-radical protection
  • Reduced skin inflammation *less redness in skin

​Because watermelon extract is slightly exfoliating, it makes the mask we have included in the TREATMENT kit perfect for an at home facial. The feedback I have received is skin feels more smoother and is glowing! As of right now you can only get the mask in the TREATMENT kit, it is a powder that is activated with the REPAIR toner and it's amazing! 

You can learn more about the kit below:

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The TREATMENT: at-home facial solution!

The TREATMENT: at-home facial solution!
Treat yourself with our all new facial kit! We have included everything  you need to have the spa experience in the comfort of your own home. This kit was born out of need for skin care solutions while many of us are not able to get in for spa treatments due to Covid. Now with the added hassles of daily mask usage and stress-inducing breakouts, we need to treat our skin more than ever. Pampering and self care has been something we have been talking about this year and this kit is an amazing way to get it in! 

What is included:

  • Dual-acting mask-Watermelon and rose clay
  • Travel Size REPAIR toner 2 oz
  • FULL SIZE REBOOT restorative oil 1 oz
  • Facial mask brush
  • Facial Spa Sponge
  • Kit Card- how to and pressure point massage instrucitons 

Our all new mask is activated with our REPAIR toner and applied with the soft mask brush. It is lightly exfoliating and helps draw out impurities without drying out the skin. Removal of the mask is easy with your facial sponge and toner. The REBOOT restorative oil is then applied to soothe, hydrate and act as a massage oil for the next step of pressure point massage. 

You can watch the video to see everything included in the kit and also how to give yourself a pressure point massage by clicking on the TREATMENT link below. This makes the perfect holiday gift, it is a wonderful way to give someone you love the gift of self care and beautiful skin! 

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Collagen Boosting Supplements

Collagen Boosting Supplements
I posted on social media last week about how I have been drinking bone broth on a daily basis and I heard from a lot of you about this. Because of the interest, I wanted to touch more on the benefits here and how I have been ingesting bone broth and other collagen rich products.

I have starting drinking bone broth to promote health in my gut because I have been dealing with some issues there. And although I know that bone broth and ingesting collagen can have a positive effect on the skin, I was pleasantly surprised to see a positive change in my own skin. An added bonus since that is not my motivation for supplementing, just an added benefit! 

I have been taking the bone broth packets because they are super easy and I love them in the afternoon for a snack. The brand Lono Life has a mild flavor, I am sensitive to bone broth at times so basically it can't gross me out if I am going to commit to it! 

I also scoop gelatin powder into my drinks several times a week, usually in orange juice (you can do coffee too). This doesn't have a taste and dissolves pretty well. I love Great Lakes gelatin, pictured below is what I have currently the NOW real food brand. Another way I eat the powder is making jello. I take natural juice cook together with gelatin powder and cool it in the refrigerator until firm. My kids love this! 

The last few ways I have taken it buying frozen bone broth and the health food store and making soup. So its not too strong I usually do 1/2 bone broth and 1/2 water. This isn't something I always have time for which is why I love the packets. 

Other than firming and plumping up the skin because of the promotion of collagen, there are many other benefits! 
  • promotes healthy digestion
  • supports healthy joints
  • decreases inflammation
  • promotes sleep! 

As you can see there are many benefits to taking bone broth or supplementing with collagen peptides. I love all of the options, back when I first started this health journey the only option was to make it. I did that for a long time and honestly I am sure that is the best way. But this works and is feasible with my life right now! And no more buying chicken feet! 

Do you drink bone broth? See any difference in your skin? 

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REBOOT with Rosehip Seed Oil!

REBOOT with Rosehip Seed Oil!

When we created REBOOT restorative oil, we were looking for natural ingredients that work wonders on the skin. Our goal was brightening ingredients, anti-aging super stars and hydration. Rosehip seed oil is amazing for tackling all three of these goals all while being completely natural and toxin-free. The high Vitamin A in Rosehip seed oil is fantastic for promoting cellular turnover which helps with improved skin tone. This is also helpful for brightening the skin! Some other benefits include:


  • Promotes Collagen Production
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Super Moisturizing 

As we are approaching Fall weather and the seasons are changing (someone please send the memo to southern california to turn off the heat!), this is the perfect time to change up your skin care routine. Especially in climates that have more extreme changes in weather, our skin will have different needs during different times of year. I like to incorporate products that help repair some of the damage we may have due to our fun in the sun during summer and also get in for a treatment and some exfoliation. Also as we get into the colder months our skin tends to need more moisture and more protection against the elements. 

This is just one of the super star ingredients that make REBOOT so effective. I love to share that this is a medium weight oil so not super heavy. I love this product for before makeup application because it gives the skin that dewy look I love so much. Are you new to facial oils? If you have any questions let me know in the comments below! 

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Are Cleansing Brushes Worth it?

Are Cleansing Brushes Worth it?
Today I wanted to talk about a tool that I have recommended a bunch of times that I haven't talked about on the blog before: facial brushes to cleanse the skin. I had a client email me about this and wanted to know if it was "worth it" to buy one. Here is my answer! 

Facial brushes are a great way to remove makeup, oil and dirt. Many times just using your hands to cleanse doesn't do the trick if you are not double cleansing and being very diligent. I have been in trainings where I ask the model/client to remove their own makeup/cleanse their skin before we start working. Many people were not able to properly cleanse their skin, the makeup was still on their skin. For a certain type of person and the right skin type,  a great facial cleansing device is a great idea! It doesn't add more time to your routine so you don't have to be a skin care junky to add one. I compare it to switching from a tooth brush to an electric tooth brush. I love it for:

  • People who wear a lot of makeup- These are more effective than just using your hands to cleanse your face. For example, on Clarisonics website they claim that the brush can remove up to 99% of makeup and dirt/debris.
  • Oily Skin- Those who have a lot of oil and could tend to break out do really well with a facial brush. 
  • People who rush through the cleanse step- They will get a better result with a brush. Remember not taking care of this first step can lead to breakouts and the rest of the skin care steps not being as effective. 

If an extra tool in your skin care regimen is worth it will depend on your skin care habits and skin. There are many different cleansing tools out there now, the first product I ever had was the Clarisonic brush about 14 years ago. Since then many more have come out, some great and some that I am not impressed with.
 I would do your research before your invest in one! 

Is a facial cleaning brush a MUST HAVE?? 

I don't believe it is essential to have one, you can absolutely have a cleansed skin without one. I have a few myself and most nights I do not use them. I am also very detailed when I wash my face and use a toner after I cleanse. Do you currently own a facial brush? Do you use it daily? 

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