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Looking for a Firmer Neck? What to do, and what to AVOID

Looking for a Firmer Neck? What to do, and what to AVOID

I have had many clients reach out to me and wonder how they can improve the appearance of the neck area. Some notice that the skin on their neck is sagging, has lines or dark spots and want to know how to treat this area. 

The skin on the neck is more delicate and thin than the skin on the face so it can become damaged more easily. Also a lot of clients I have worked with forget to bring their products down to the chest area leaving this delicate area untreated.

Many people are dealing with a new issue called "tech neck" where we see lines and sagging due to neck positioning while looking down at devices. 

I am going to share tips on what to avoid and also actions we can take to keep our neck area looking its best! 

What to AVOID:

  • Fragrance! Although we have been taught to spray our perfume on the neck area this is not recommended. Fragrance causes photosensitivity which is a reaction to sunlight. This can accelerate conditions like hyperpigmentation and collagen breakdown. 
  • Not applying SPF to the neck. Using SPF on the face AND the neck/chest is important if you are exposed to sun. We want to treat the neck the same as we treat the face, that goes for your serums and oils too.
  • Not being aware of our posture Whether it's looking at a computer or phone, try to be aware of your positioning and notice if your neck is folded while looking down. 


    1. My FAVORITE treatment is using the GUA SHA. Consistency with this amazing tool does wonders for the neck area. You can check out my instagram for a quick and easy tutorial! 
    2. Ultrasound and lasers can be helpful if you want to look into professional treatments without being too invasive. Non invasive treatments such as these have been helpful in tightening the skin and promoting collagen production, firming the neck area.

What Products Will Help?

SPF! This is the number one product we need to use to help prevent collagen breakdown and pigmentation.

Hylauranic Acid- great for plumping up the fine lines and wrinkles 

Niacinamide and Vitamin C- Niacinamide is wonderful for helping protect the skins barrier. Together with Vitamin C these ingredients are super for collagen production and firming.

I hope this helps for those of you who have reached out on this topic! If you haven't tried the Gua Sha I always recommend starting here because of how wonderful the result with no side effects. 




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