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Simply Jess White Jade Gua Sha


Benefits of Facial Gua Sha:

Using this tool on your face has so many benefits, I will highlight a few of them.

The gua sha has a lifting and toning effect on the skin. It helps move and drain the lymph making it detoxifying. This can be helpful if you have puffiness because it helps with circulation. It helps minimize the lines on our neck and face.

I also use gua sha when I have a headache and it's very helpful.

White jade is known for its calming and peaceful properties. The stone stays naturally cool and you can even store in the refrigerator to keep it even cooler. This is great for de-puffing.

Instructions for basic 5 minute practice below and please see video for the visual.

How to Use:

  1. Prep Skin-cleansed skin with REBOOT restorative oil (released 12/6/2019) Don't forget to apply to the neck.
  2. Neck-Start on the left side of the neck. Begin at the base of the neck, take your tool and pull the long side up the neck ending at the hairline. Repeat the entire neck and the back as well 3-5 times. Do not skip the neck, most important!
  3. Repeat each facial movement below 3-5 times and use light to medium pressure. *all movements can be performed up to 10 times if you have the time.
  4. Jawline- Sweep up from chin to the ear, hugging the jawline.
  5. Cheeks- Using the long side of the tool sweep from the corner of the nose to the hairline along the cheek.
  6. Eye area- Use the tip of the tool, gently guide from the inner eye are outward and finishing at the hairline.
  7. Eye Brow lift-Start underneath the eyebrow using a lifting motion to trace under the brow.
  8. Forehead- Sweep starting at the eyebrow up to the hairline.
  9. Drain- Starting at the forehead and keeping the tool flat, drain to the temple, down the side of the face, down the side of the neck stopping at the clavicle.
  10. Repeat process on the right side of face.