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Whole 30 and the Skin

Whole 30 and the Skin

 It is officially day 31 and I have complete my Whole 30 program. I had some questions about the Whole 30 after I posted that I was going to be doing the program and I wanted to give and update, especially in regards to this program and my skin. 

First of all if you have never heard of the Whole 30, it is a 30 day program where you eliminate commonly known problematic foods such as sugar, gluten, dairy for 30 days. The list of what you can not eat seems pretty overwhelming so I focused on what I could eat. To learn more about the details I will just link the Whole 30 here because they explain it best: WHOLE 30

My personal goal of doing this program was to start feeling better, period. It is not a quick fix diet, and it truly encourages a healthy mental food relationship along with troubleshooting possible foods that could be causing issues in your body. I was overindulging with foods and drinks this summer and I wanted to get back on track. This was the perfect program for me to achieve my goals and below I will list the benefits I was able to see and feel.

  • Skin- I will start with the skin since that was the question I received. I did notice a difference in my skin, it seems less puffy and also it looks super hydrated and has a nice glow. I love this result! It wasn't a huge difference but I could personally tell.
  • Energy- This is the biggest benefit I have gained this month. I wake up earlier than I used to, without my alarm clock and most days even feel great! I am not as tired as normal, although since I am doing so much more during the day I am for sure ready for bed early as well.
  • Sleep- My sleep has improved, which is why I have the energy. I fall asleep and stay asleep for the most part and I feel like the quality has improved!
  • Productivity- I know this is directly correlated with the two benefits above but it is worth noting. The level of projects and work I have been able to tackle is incredible. I know secretly my husband is hoping I stop asking for his help with home improvements on the weekends, its been a lot! 

Another benefit I have seen is the confidence that I do not need the items I was not able to have and still be ok. The good outweighed the bad and I found that I was loving this month. I have cooked and cleaned so much more but I found that I got used to that part. 

For those of you who have contacted me asking about the program for whatever reason, I say go for it. One common problem I see with clients is an unknown rash or breakout with their skin and I think this is the perfect program to see if it could be stemming from a food allergy. I have heard so many reports of skin cleaning up and rashes going away during their Whole 30. Elimination diets are a great way to see if something you are taking in internally is having a reaction in your body causing skin disruptions. 

Have you completed a Whole 30? What was your experience? 

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