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Three Favorite Supplements for Skin Health

Three Favorite Supplements for Skin Health
Last week on Instagram I mentioned a supplement that is powerful for skin health. Today I wanted to touch upon a few other supplements I personally use and that I take for increased overall benefits especially glowing skin. These supplements work really well with my body but before you start something new its best to do your own research or ask your doctor what you need. Supplements are powerful and knowing what you need in the first place is an important step. The supplements I take are beneficial for more than just skin health but that is what I will focus on in the post! 

1. Collagen

I love taking collagen daily. The reason I started taking it in the first place is because I have joint pain and heard it was helpful. Another tremendous benefit is healthy skin and nails. It is a protein our bodies make and supplementing collagen can boost that collagen production and we can see the anti aging effects in our skin. It also helps increase skin elasticity. 

You can take a powdered supplement, some people make bone broth. I like to either add a powder to my tea or in a smoothie. Just check your ingredients for a pure brand to avoid junk. 

2. Probiotics 

Our gut health is super important when it comes to the health of our skin. The gut contains bacteria, good and bad, and maintaining the health of our gut can be crucial for inflammation. We tend to think of gut health having to do with digestive issues but it can lead to so many more problems than that. An unhealthy gut can lead to immunity compromises, mental health issues and even skin disorders. Unhealthy gut bacteria can lead to acne, eczema and Rosacea. Supplementing with a broad range probiotic can help boost immunity and replenish the good bacteria back into our gut. 

I love to incorporate fermented foods into my diet on a daily basis which are loaded with probiotics. (Make sure you are buying RAW fermented foods such as sauerkraut or the pasteurization process will be killing the live bacteria). On top of that I take a probiotic to help replenish as well. As someone who has been riddled with antibiotics in my life and has always dealt with gut health issues this is important to me. 

3. Cod liver oil

I know what you're thinking: ewwwwww,  that's disgusting! Well, I get that 1000%.  BUT, if you find a high quality oil supplier that is flavored, you will be surprised by how 'not disgusting' it is. So what are the benefits? Oh so many, let me tell you. Cod liver oil contains essential fatty acids which nourish the skin. They help produce collagen in the body and keeps skin protected. It is amazing for brain health among so many other things! 

"Can I just take regular fish oil and reap the same benefits?" Yes, there are many of the same benefits in regular fish oil. It is high in omega 3s,  something our own body can not produce. A supplement can be helpful especially if you are not eating fatty fish regularly. However, cod liver oil contains added vitamins like A and D and regular fish oil does not According to my grandmother, cod liver oil is the way to go, she took it all her life. She lived into her 90s, with a sharp brain and her skin was amazing. She swore by it and told me stories of how doctors used to prescribe it for ailments instead of pharmaceuticals.  I use a brand called Carlsen and its not bad at all! 

These are the three supplements I make sure and take on a daily basis to help promote healthy skin. I will touch on others in future posts. Are you taking any of these in your life? What are your favorite health supplements to help your skin stay youthful? 


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