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The One Thing

The One Thing
Had  a great question the other day: What is the one thing most people could be doing to improve their skin that they are not doing? While it is difficult to narrow it down to just one thing, if I had to choose it would be a solid skin care routine. One that is so consistent that it becomes a habit.

For example, I hear about women going to sleep at night and not removing their make-up. Cleansing my face is something I do no matter what, even if I didn't wear make-up that day. Not removing make-up can clog pores, causing breakouts. The night time is when are cells are regenerating and repairing so its a great time to apply your anti-aging products on a nice cleansed face. And think about your pillow case! Removing the dirt and debris from the day should be as much of a habit as brushing your teeth. 

Using a treatment serum and exfoliator on a regular basis in your routine is critical for the most healthy skin. Exfoliating and assisting the cellular turnover, especially as we age, should be done on a regular basis. Same goes for your treatment products, if we just use a serum here and there you will never achieve the greatest benefit from the product. 

Whatever it is you decide is your skin care program, stick with it daily to see the best results. Keep your products out and ready and make it as simple to do as brushing your teeth. If you feel like your routine is too basic add in a high performing serum or toner to boost the results! 

Are you consistent with your skin care products? What is something you do every single day without fail? 

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