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Super Star Ingredient-Arnica Extract

Super Star Ingredient-Arnica Extract
I first learned about Arnica when my son was just a little guy. For us, using an Arnica gel worked wonders for healing and preventing bruising. I found it helped with pain relief as it is anti-inflammatory. Ever since then its been the first tool I grab in the medicine cabinet when someone falls or has an accident (and this person is usually me).

It has been used for its healing qualities since the 1500's and is highly popular in Europe where it is natively grown. Today Arnica is used for a wide variety of aliments, such as wound healing, bug bites and sprains. 

Using Arnica in facial skin care is a wonderful tool for many skin types and products because:
  • ​Arnica Extract is a powerful anti-inflammatory tool used to help calm redness in the skin.
  • Great for healing dry, sensitive or chapped skin
  • Helps with general irritation in the skin
  • Antibacterial and non clogging

I use Arnica in the UNDO serum and REPAIR toner which adds to the healing and calming benefits to the skin. Arnica complements the other ingredients that are formulated together making this a wonderful choice for any sensitive skin, sun or winter chapped skin and anyone looking to bring inflammation down. I love Arnica! Have you ever used Arnica topically? How has it helped?

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