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Super Star Ingredient-Aloe Vera

Super Star Ingredient-Aloe Vera
The Aloe Vera plant is rich in history, going back to the ancient Egyptians. Around 1500 BC the plant was first documented being used for such aliments as burns, parasites and even infections. Today this plant is as popular as ever, used to soothe bug bites, sunburns and incorporated into many skin care products. Many sensitive skin types really benefit from its natural and healing properties.

Other benefits include:

Skin Moisturizer-helps bind moisture to the skin
Skin Protection- is able to penetrate deeper into skin and deliver benefits to sensitive skin types such as eczema 
Antioxidant- loaded with vitamins and minerals
Acne Fighter-helps with inflammation and even scarring

I recommend keeping an Aloe Vera Plant in your home if you have the space,  its great to have on hand. You can open the leaves of the plant and extract the gel quite easily! If you burn yourself cooking or have a sunburn this is a great treatment that works right away. I know people who have had such irritated acne breakouts accompanied by extreme dehydration that see great benefits to applying straight aloe to their skin. It is also anti-aging due to its content of vitamins A, C and E.

I use Aloe Vera in my UNDO serum for all of the benefits mentioned above and its one of the reasons the serum is so great for sensitive skin types. It comes in a high concentration, like using pure Aloe juice squeezed from a fresh Aloe Vera plant. Learn more about UNDO serum and the other powerfully healing ingredients here


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