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SkinCare Basics! Most FAQ Edition! Routine for beginners

SkinCare Basics! Most FAQ Edition! Routine for beginners

Today I am covering skincare 101! Over the years these questions pop up the most and I want to break this down to make it easy to understand!

In What Order Do I Apply Products?

The easy way to remember this is lightest weight to heaviest. Think of products like serums getting deeper than a product like an SPF where we want it to stay on the surface.

For SIMPLY JESS products apply in the following order: 

  • REPAIR toner
  • BOOST vitamin c complex
  • UNDO serum
  • REBOOT restorative oil 
  • GUA SHA tool (this should be used with cleansed skin and an oil)

For Products For Weekly Use-like Exfoliation and Masks:

  1. Use on cleansed skin
  2. Apply Exfoliation and THEN do you masking
  3. Make sure to follow the product directions for how often to use and how long to wear. 
  4. SPF is especially important after exfoliating even it you exfoliate at night.

SO How Much should I use?

Serums- use 2-3 Pumps for the face, neck and décolleté.

REBOOT- About 10 drops for the face, neck and décolleté.

REPAIR toner- Spray 3-5 times

Skincare Regimen by Skin Type! 

Our Skincare products can be totally customized by skin type, PREFERENCE, and conditions. 

When I say preference, I mean you could be oily AND still like an oil for example.

  • Dull skin/pigmentation - REPAIR toner, BOOST vitamin c complex, REBOOT restorative oil
  • Acne prone/Oily skin-TREATMENT kit at home facial, BOOST vitamin c complex
  • Sensitive/RED/Dry- REPAIR toner, UNDO serum, REBOOT oil

*If you have a skin concern we have not mentioned please leave a comment below and I will address this! 

I hope this post helps break down skincare products and application. Skincare doesn't have to be complicated to achieve amazing results! We hope this helps! 




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