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Skin Care and Fitness-Plus 4 tips to keep your skin clear!

We all know by now how great exercise is for our health. What isn't it good for?? Exercise is amazing for heart health, stress, energy, weight loss, the list goes on and on. January is always a good time to start an exercise program after the indulgent holidays. Another amazing benefit is that exercise is helpful for your skin health too. Today I will share some of the key benefits of working out in regards to your skin and also a few tips!

Fitness and exercise moves the lymph in your body, because the lymphatic system doesn't have a pump like the circulatory system, so exercise is a great way to get it moving. This creates a flushing in our systems and a cleansing that is beneficial for the skin which is our largest organ. 

I love how exercise can help decrease stress! Of course if we are overly stressed out this is something that can affect our skin. Fitness is such a positive way to combat challenges we are having in our lives.

There are a few ways exercise, especially vigorous fitness that causes a lot of sweat, can have a negative impact on our skin. Especially if you are acne prone or have a skin condition such as Rosacea. Here are a few tips to remember when hitting the gym.

1. Do not work out in your make-up.
Because we are detoxing through our pores when we sweat we don't want the makeup interfering with that process. This is especially true if you are prone to breaking out and acne. Some clients I know have a negative response from exercise from their skin because of this. 

2. Try not to touch your face after touching the equipment at the gym.
Always wash your hands after your workout is complete and don't forget to use your towel.

3. I recommend showering and washing your face as soon as possible.
I am totally guilty of going to the gym and then letting the day get away from me before I rinse off. Luckily I don't typically break out so it doesn't affect my skin. 

​4. Tone the skin
If you can't make it to the shower right away, use the REPAIR toner on your skin and it will help. Also this toner can bring down redness in the skin if you tend to get tomato red like me! If you tend to break out on your chest and back make sure to spray those areas as well.

I love the way exercise makes me feel, that is the number one reason I make it a part of my life. It is just an added bonus that it helps my skin improve, I love the post workout glow I get. Is exercise a part of your routine? What is your favorite type of work out? 


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