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Should I Wear Sun Protection with my Protective Mask?

Should I Wear Sun Protection with my Protective Mask?

I received the question: should I wear SPF or sun protection even though I am wearing a mask on my face? This is a great question so I thought I would share my answer with you all. If you have been following me for a while, I bet you can guess my answer is yes. The reason we need to wear SPF is that most of these masks are light weight and do not provide the necessary SPF rating to keep you safe from UV damage. Also, it doesn't cover you whole face and the parts of the face susceptible to fine lines like the eye area and the forehead are exposed. 

I have a blog post about "maskne" you can check out here if you have been experiencing acne while wearing masks. I have heard from some of you who have to work in them all day long and have been breaking out because of it. 

What I recommend is using a lightweight SPF if you are oily/combination skin and are prone to breaking out. I love the Elta tinted SPF because it can double as a lightweight foundation for those of you who don't wear a ton of makeup. I would also check out Supergoop because they are a clean brand with so many different options. 

Also I love using an eye cream with an SPF during a day, it is such a great tool to keep your sensitive eye area protected. (Mine is also Supergoop) You can even receive damaging UV light through the car window so I like to wear mine even if I am not going into the sun for extended amounts of time. 

Are you currently experiencing a negative impact with your skin from wearing a mask? Remember to wash your face nightly and gentle exfoliation a few times a week. If you have questions please let me know below! Thinking of you all during this crazy time! 

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