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New Years Skin Care Resolutions!

New Years Skin Care Resolutions!
Happy 2020! I am so excited for this new year!

A new year is the perfect time to upgrade your skin care regimen and for improving your skin. Below are a few goals and tips to achieve beautiful skin in the new year! 

  • Clean out your old skin care and makeup- If you have a product sitting in your cabinet or under your sink now is the time to get rid of it and start fresh.
  • Wash your face each night before bed- This is a great habit to begin if you are not already doing so. We want to make sure we are treating our skin at night, while the skin cells are rejuvenating at a more rapid rate. So take off the day and treat your skin with serums and nightly oils and wake up with glowing skin!
  • Add 1 step into your routine you are not currently doing- If you are not using an SPF daily, add one in. If you never exfoliate, treat yourself to a new product and use a reminder once or twice a week to exfoliate. One new step can make a big difference! 
  • Incorporate the GUA SHA tool to your routine-I love the results I see from my nightly gua sha massage. My clients are loving the results and the relaxation that comes with it as well. I am guilty of eating way too much sugar this holiday season and my face has been puffy.  After I apply REBOOT restorative oil and use my tool, I am less puffy and it feels amazing. Learn more about the SJ gua sha here. (only a few more so act fast on this one!)
  • Get yourself a facial! This is such a treat to help your skin, it is a great way to have a professional extract impurities and hydrate your skin. There are so many options for skin care treatments, try something new and pamper yourself! 

I want to thank you for supporting Simply Jess Skin Care in 2019, it means the world to us that you are here! We have big plans for 2020! If there is a product you would love to see from us, please send a message! And cheers to an amazing 2020! 


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