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National Bathtub Party Day

National Bathtub Party Day
Today is national bathtub party day, which is a great reminder to take a bath with all the extra fluff! Adding bath oils, lighting candles and taking some time for yourself is what this day is all about. It is the perfect day for it here in SoCal, as it is rainy, cold and we even had a double rainbow this A.M.!
For me there is nothing more relaxing than a bath and I take them at least four times a week. I use it to have a bit of quiet and also take time for my skincare routine. I exfoliate and mask with each bath which helps me to remember to get that done. Here is my routine:
  • Draw a bath-  I put ANSHI nurturing peppermint into the water. It makes my skin ultra soft. 
  • Exfoliate- I have a variety of exfoliators and I use one that only takes a few minutes to work. Remove.
  • Mask- Apply your favorite mask and let is stay on the remainder of the bath. I am loving this mask by WHISH , its great for dry skin and my skin looks amazing after I apply. 

​I also light candles and listen to my favorite podcast to make it even more special. For me this is the ultimate self care and I feel so rejuvenated after a long day when I do this. So you don't need a special national bathtub party day to treat yourself to some self care. When I take the time to do this I am never sorry. 

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