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Help Me Shrink My Pores!

Help Me Shrink My Pores!
Recently I was asked how do we shrink the pores on our skin. Sadly, the answer is we can not shrink pores. However there are steps we can take to minimize them and I am going to give you three tips below to help do just that! 

  • Exfoliate- Surprise surprise I am recommending exfoliation! With enlarged pores they can easily fill with excess sebum (oil) and debris causing the pore to actually appear larger than it is. In this case I prefer an exfoliator that is acid based, aha's or BHAs rather than a physical exfoliation. Some of the physical or abrasive exfoliators can be too rough on the skin and cause irritation. Typically one to two times a week is ideal for exfoliating treatments.
  • Don't Pick- I usually recommend having regular facial treatments where a professional esthetician can come in and safely extract the skin. When you have clogged pores and they need a deep cleaning, getting a peel and extractions (usually with steam), can help remove that excess debris. However I have seen clients attempt this at home and cause trauma to the pore. I have a client who had a pore double in size from an extraction gone wrong so be careful with this at home.
  • Sun Protection- Many clients don't realize a lot of sun exposure can affect the pore size. The uv rays can break down collagen in the skin weakening the pore and making it appear larger. A great SPF and coverage from a hat is a great way to protect your skin from that damage. 

If you have tried all of the above and still are not happy with the size of your pores, a laser therapy treatment is a wonderful option. I love the laser genesis treatment, it helps with collagen production helping to minimize the pore size. There are other more invasive laser treatments out there as well that help with the same issue. 

Do you have enlarged pores? What has helped for you? 

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