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Eye Skin Care 101!

Eye Skin Care 101!

Stress, lack of sleep and dehydration can most definitely take a toll our our skin. And the eye area is no exception.  In fact, the factors I listed above usually have the biggest impact around our eyes and under eye area. The lack of sleep and dehydration shows up as increased visibility of fine lines and dark circles. 
The skin near our eyes is thin and lacks fatty tissue and muscle making it vulnerable to aging symptoms faster than the rest of the skin. There are steps we can take to help this area look refreshed and beautiful and also things to avoid.

What should I use under my eyes, can I use my regular products? 

It is highly recommended to use a product that is designed for the eye area. Some products, especially moisturizers, are too heavy for the eye area and can cause clogging. Other products for exfoliation could also cause irritation to the eye area and for the most part should be avoided.

How much eye cream should I use?

Overusing product under your eye is a huge no no! I have seen this delicate area have clogging, breakouts such a black heads and milia (white heads), which need to be extracted with a needle. So its best to use a pea size amount for both eyes as a general rule of thumb.  

How do I apply it? 

If you are using a cream based product you can dab it onto your ring finger and gently dot it along the ocular bone (under the eyes you will feel the bone that circles the eyes). Do not apply directly under the lashes (clogged pore alert!) and let the heat pull up the product it needs. It is much less than people think. I like to dot it between my eyes and around my lips if I have extra. They have eye treatments in rollers too and you would use the same process on the ocular bone (it feels great too). Do not yank or pull this area, this could lead to more lines and will defeat the purpose!

Is there only one type of eye product? What is best for my skin type?

Eye treatment is usually based on your concerns. For example, anti-aging/fine lines, puffiness, dark circles etc. If you are drier and have fine lines a cream is the typical recommendation, there are also gel based eye treatments and serum types. This is just a general recommendation, check with your product brand to find out what best suits you.

Any other tricks? 

Use cold items to help de-puff the baggy under eye area. There are many tools out there, like the Gua sha I mentioned in a previous blog. Remember to keep the pressure super light and have product on the area so there is no pulling or stretching. You can put your eye cream in the fridge as well, this feels great on tired eyes. We have all seen people chop cucumber on place on the eye area, this is great too! The coolness will help de-puff and the cucumber has a high water content along with Vitamin C which can help bring down swelling as well. 

When all else fails there is always under eye concealer, right!?  

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