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All About Skin Types!

All About Skin Types!
Today I want to talk about Skin Types. I have been talking about this on social media because it is foundational to your skin care routine. Knowing what your type is and your skin condition is how you determine which products you will need for healthy skin.  

Skin types are mostly genetic, you are born with the skin type you have. Unlike skin conditions which can change due to external and internal factors, with age and climate, skin types are pretty much set. There are things we can do to products we can use to improve the skin type and that is where facial treatments and skin care comes in! Below is a description of each skin type and what skin care works best for them! 

  • Normal- Normal skin is well balanced skin. My 6 year old has normal skin, but let me tell you, not many of us do! There is usually an overproduction or underproduction of oil. To be considered normal, we have a balance of oil, normal pore size and basically no skin imperfections. 
  • Dry- This skin type is defined as lack of oil in the skin, may be tight feeling and look dull. This type of skin can be worsened in dry climates and when exposed to harsh conditions. The pore size is usually very small and the skin may have a higher build up of dead skin cells. Fine lines and wrinkles may be more visible than an oily skin type. The positive side of dry skin is there is usually less or no acne breakouts.
  • Oily- There is an excess of oil (sebum) production in the skin. Oily skin can lead to breakouts and it is common to have shine during the day. The pore size can be enlarged making it easier to get clogged. The positive side of oily skin is fine lines and wrinkles do not show up as fast. I have had many clients who struggled to with breakouts, acne and makeup not staying on because of so much oil. But as they get older and the oil production slows, their skin looks amazing and they look so much younger. So this is a bonus! 
  • Combination- A mixture of all the skin types, different zones of the face. Can be combo with oily skin in certain zones and  dry and normal in other zones. A common pattern is an oily t-zone and normal or dry cheek area. You can even treat the skin with different products in different zones of the face for this skin type.

How to treat each skin type:

  1. Dry Skin- This skin type needs not only water hydration but oil. Dry skin does beautifully with facial oils and rich nourishing creams. Exfoliation is key because dead skin can accumulate faster with dry skin making the fine lines and wrinkles appear amplified.
  2. Oily Skin- Oily skin does not need extra oil, facial oils are not recommended for this skin type. One common mistake I see all the time is trying to "dry out" the skin to get rid of the oil with extra clarifying products and over exfoliation. The problem with this technique is the skin will overcompensate and begin to overproduce more oil leading to even more of the problem they are trying to fix! Stripping the skin is not the answer, in fact many of my clients can be a little dehydrated even though they have oil. For this I suggest using a hydration serum that helps balance and keep it lightweight. I have some clients on just a hyaluronic acid and that's all they need for their moisturizer. Exfoliation is also important for this skin type to keep the oil production in check.
  3. Combo Skin The above tips can be applied to this skin type, treat the zones according to the type of skin in that area. 

How do you know your skin type? 

Most people know their skin types, they can feel their dry skin or have to use blotting sheets to keep the oil at bay and know they have oily skin. When I had my first facial treatment at 18 years old, I thought I was oily because the lady at the cosmetics counter said I was! Well, that was totally the wrong diagnosis. I have always been super dry, and getting a professional treatment helped me figure that out. Skin care therapists can feel and see what your skin type is and what to recommend you use, so I always recommend  if you are unsure what yours is to get a facial. 

I hope this helps, please leave a comment if you are unsure of your skin type and need help figuring it out! 

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