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5 Skin Care Industry Myths Debunked!

5 Skin Care Industry Myths Debunked!

Over the years we have all been told certain facts about the way to care for our skin. Even working in the industry I have believed certain things that I now know are totally incorrect. I will share 5 common myths that we can stop believing when it comes to skin care!

You have to wear a moisturizer

  • You don't. If your skin is great without using a moisturizer, keep doing that! A cream moisturizer isn't a fit for everyone and every skin type. Super oily skin can sometimes go without using a cream or a moisturizer all together. Very dry skin can use an oil to hydrate and protect without a moisturizer as well. The takeaway here is to make sure you are protected and using products to support balance. I am not saying you don't have to HYDRATE, you need something to keep your skin in check but it doesn't necessarily have to be a cream moisturizer. 

Your skin should feel tight after cleansing if it works
  • The main job of your cleanser is to remove your makeup/debris and do so without stripping the barrier. I am not so concerned with concentrated anti-aging ingredients here because it will just be rinsed off. But the cleansers that contain harsh ingredients can leave your skin looking and feeling depleted.  

You're products stop working and you need to switch it up often.
  • ​This is false! In fact if you are seeing a positive results with your routine, keep going! Stopping what is working for you can lead to your skin reverting back to what it was. One case where it is important to add or take away from your regimen is when there is a change in seasons and you need to adjust for weather/environment. If I go to Arizona in the winter I am double duty moisturizing vs. how I treat my skin in Hawaii in summer. 

You have to use the products from the same line to get the best results 
  • This is absolutely not true. Of course that's what all brands want you to believe! Mixing and matching is great, it is what you're using that matters and that you have all of the steps covered.  

Putting chemicals on your skin is bad
  • ​EVERYTHING is a chemical. This is something I learned from my teacher Rebecca Gadberry, the industry guru and my skin care hero. Everything, even water, is a chemical therefore anything we put on our skin is a chemical. What we want to avoid are the harsh and harmful chemicals that can damage our skin or penetrate through  transdermal absorption. 
These are some of the biggest myths I still see being talked about today. What are some things you have heard that you have found to be not true? 

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