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4 Ways to Help Promote Skin Health through Food!

4 Ways to Help Promote Skin Health through Food!
By now most of us know how our nutrition and what we put into our bodies can have a huge effect on our skin. Some of us break out on our face when eating certain things, some people can have a reaction to a food that doesn't sit well and get bumps on their body. We also can see a positive effect with our skin when we eat foods that help promote health. Certain foods can protect us from the inside out! Today I am going to highlight a few foods that I love to eat to promote skin health and protect my skin from free radical damage. 

  • ​Vitamin C

Vitamin C is amazing to use topically on the skin to help boost collagen and protect skin cells from the environment and the same is true for eating foods rich in vitamin C. 
Citrus Fruit
Bell peppers

  • Antioxidants 

Because of the way the free radical damage can speed up the aging process we want to make sure we protect the skin by consuming antioxidants. Some of the ways free radical damage can effect the skin would be fine lines and wrinkles. 

Dark Chocolate (YAAAS!)

  • Lycopene

Lycopene is amazing for protecting the skin from the sun! One study even showed a decrease in sunburn from ingesting tomato paste alone

Cooked tomatoes 
Tomato Paste 
Pink Grapefruit
  • Omega 3s Fatty Acids

The anti-inflammatory benefits of Omega 3's can be super helpful for people dealing with inflammation in the skin (acne/rosacea) and healing the skin. Consuming  cold water fish high in omegas (like salmon, sardines etc), are a great way to get this benefit. They also can help with smoother looking skin. I am convinced my grandmother who is 90 has the amazing looking skin she has from having a highly omega 3 rich diet her entire life and also supplementing with cod liver oil. 


Find ways to incorporate these foods into your diet, it will make a difference in your skin and in your overall health! The more we use these ingredients in our skin care AND eat them the better results we will see.  Are you eating any of these super foods on a regular basis? 

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