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3 Ingredients We Can Use INTERNALLY To Help Our Skin!

3 Ingredients We Can Use INTERNALLY To Help Our Skin!
I love to talk about the powerful ingredients we can use topically to improve our skin. I also love to talk about the wonderful ingredients, foods and supplements we can also add to our regimen to help skin as well. Today I am going to highlight three ingredients that help improve skin function, hydration and collagen production. You can take these ingredients through supplements or simply adding these foods into your diet, I will list both options below!

1. Vitamin C
It is the perfect time to be adding in vitamin C daily so our immune system can be strengthened during this crazy time. Vitamin C is amazing for our skin health. It helps boost collagen, helps repair dry skin and damage. This is why I am such a huge fan of topical C, but working it in internally can help even more. 

Supplement- There are a ton of vitamin C supplements out there. I love using a powder form, check online to find a good one.

Foods- Fruits and vegetables contain vitamin C. Foods like kale, lemons, berries and so many more are super high in C. 

2. Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Fatty acids are known to help with acne, sensitive skin and sun damage, that is an incredible list! I have been taking this for my dry skin as it helps a lot. Separate from the skin health benefits Omega 3's are incredible for many other ailments and is important for brain health. 

Supplement- Taking a fish oil is my favorite way to take omegas. You can take a capsule if the idea of fish oil makes you queasy!

Foods- Avocados, nuts like walnuts, olive oil and fatty fish are all excellent. 

3. Collagen 
I started supplementing collagen which is protein, because of my joint pain but found it also led to an improvement in my skin! We produce collagen in our bodies and it is what gives our skin suppleness and structure. As we age we naturally produce less and less which is why its a good idea to add more into your diet, via foods or supplements. There is some debate as to how well our foods turn into collagen so it might be helpful to use a great quality collagen to smoothies or coffee/teas. 

Supplement- I like collagen powder, there are many brands out there. Make sure you check your source and ingredients, some are definitely better than others.

Foods- You can add foods that are known to boost collagen in the body or foods like bone broth that are high in collagen. I use a pure gelatin and add it to different foods I bake with because it is tasteless. I even make a two ingredient jello with gelatin and natural juice that is super simple and yummy for them to snack on. 

There are many more supplements and ingredients you can add to your diet to help promote healthy skin. I didn't mention just plain old water but of course that is always helpful for hydration. If you are super active or live in a hot climate where you sweat a lot, you can even add in electrolytes. 

Do you take any of these supplements? Anything you love that I did not list? Please share below!

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