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Breaking the Stigma: Mental Health and New Motherhood with Grace Blacksea

I have an incredible episode to share with you; our guest is Grace Blacksea. She is the founder of Quench Collective, a community of modern leaders and business owners of which I am a part of. Grace is a mother and the Founder & Chief Community Officer of Quench Collective, a community for like-minded leaders who believe in doing business differently. Grace supports women from cubicles and coffeeshops, cut through the 'noise', stand out in the crowd, and build something they really believe in. Blending strategy and support, she is on a mission to help modern leaders thrive in their careers and businesses.

We met back in 2020, and I instantly became a fan of everything Grace stood for. Her support and knowledge in growing a business made the biggest impact on my brand and my sanity!

Today, Grace shares her story of transitioning from the corporate world and battling her addiction to "busyness". We discuss life as a new mother and the joys and challenges she encountered, including dealing with postpartum anxiety, depression, and OCD. Grace generously shares many amazing nuggets of wisdom on seeking help and allowing ourselves to be supported. We also tackle the shame and stigma surrounding asking for help when dealing with mental health concerns, which often holds people back from getting the assistance they need. Additionally, we touch upon nightly rituals, self-care, and what she calls "giving your soul a hug."

There is so much more to this episode that I haven't mentioned here. Grace is lovely, wise, and eloquent, and I knew even before I hit the record button how much I would love our conversation, and I'm sure you will too.

You can follow Grace's personal journey on IG at Graceblacksea, and her wonderful community of business leaders at Quench.collective, and her website is:

Enjoy this amazing conversation! 

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