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REBOOT restorative oil and Gua Sha Duo


The ultimate results for an anti aging-aging regimen, REBOOT restorative oil and the Simply Jess Gua Sha make the perfect pair!

Apply your oil nightly and utilize the power of the gua sha for amazing revitalizing results. 

REBOOT restorative facial oil has been designed to work wonders while you sleep. Deeply nourishing oils are infused into the skin to promote repair of the skin and to REBOOT your hydration and suppleness.

Fine lines are plumped and a natural glow returned. REBOOT seals hydration in and protects your skins barrier. This product really delivers a luminous glow we are all looking for!

These incredible oils are carefully blended to restore the glow in your skin and REBOOT it overnight.

REBOOT smoother looking skin

REBOOT your moisture levels

REBOOT suppleness in the skin

The Simply Jess Gua Sha has a lifting and toning effect on the skin. It helps move and drain the lymph making it detoxifying. This can be helpful if you have puffiness because it helps with circulation. It helps minimize the lines on our neck and face.

White jade is known for its calming and peaceful properties. The stone stays naturally cool and you can even store in the refrigerator to keep it even cooler. This is great for de-puffing.