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Why I Went into Skin Care

Why I Went into Skin Care
While attending college I began working in cosmetics. What I found is that I was the most interested in the skin care and not the make-up (I also learned that I am terrible at applying make-up!). After working in a day spa I knew I wanted to get my esthetician license, it was such a fun environment and I wanted to be a therapist myself. After spending time working in spas I began working for skin care product lines and training other estheticians. It was such a wonderful experience and I loved educating others how to improve their clients skin.  I was always drawn back to the treatment room and have worked in many different areas of the industry. 

It was not until the birth of my son did I start to be aware of what we put on our skin as being potentially harmful. I was always taught that the ingredients we used didn't penetrate into the skin deep enough to cause a negative impact. As long as a product was effective no one cared if it was made with clean ingredients or not. 

As I started to learn more about natural products I started switching over. It was when coconut oil was the biggest thing ever and the products I saw on the market that were natural didn't really impress me. I started making things for myself and my family and it was exciting to see results from clean ingredients. 

Simply Jess was born because I had high expectations for products to be efficacious and wanted to get the same results with non-toxic ingredients. I knew there was a way to make sophisticated and beautiful products that worked. A lot has changed since I first started. At first the women and moms I talked to were considered hippies for wanting to use natural products. The major shift I see now is that everyone is much more educated and demanding of clean products. And this trend is a beautiful thing! What made you interested in natural personal and skin care?

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