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Why I ALWAYS Use a Serum—What are the Benefits?

Why I ALWAYS Use a Serum—What are the Benefits?

There is a lot of misinformation about facial serums. In this post we will break down what a facial serum is and why we believe they are the most important step for big changes in the skin.

What is a serum?

  • A product that is designed to be loaded with active ingredients with a lighter weight formula. Serums are designed to penetrate deeper into the skin and deliver those ingredients to make a change. They contain vitamins and ingredients designed to treat a specific concern.

Why should you use a serum? 

  • Serums are effective in targeting a specific skin concern. When a client asks for a product to help with dull skin or hyperpigmentation, the first thing we offer is a serum. We need other products to help our skin as well, but a moisturizer or cleanser is not going to target and treat the concerns as well or as fast. 
  • A serum is not a bonus product, it is a crucial step in seeing results, especially as our skin ages and we continue to have more concerns. 

How do we use a serum? 

  • Serums are designed to be used as the first step after your toner. We want to apply them on damp skin and underneath a facial oil or moisturizer. Daily application is suggested for the best results.

Which serum should you use? 

  • In our line we have created two serums that deliver fantastic results. Our BOOST vitamin c complex is a blend of antioxidants and vitamins designed to stimulate collagen and help boost glowing skin.
  • UNDO serum is a deeply hydrating powerhouse designed to plump up lackluster skin and help your skin maintain a healthy appearance. 
  • Depending what your concerns are you can choose 1 or both. 
  • If you are using both of the serums, apply the BOOST vitamin c complex first.
If you have any questions about this topic please comment below! We are here to help!  


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