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What is Your Skin Type and Why it Matters for Healthy Skin!

What is Your Skin Type and Why it Matters for Healthy Skin!

A little story about when I first started in the skin care industry. I had my first facial when I was 19 years old, and I thought it was the greatest thing ever! After my treatment the esthetician asked me what I was using on my skin. I told her,  all of the ingredients I was using were designed for oily skin. I will never forget when she looked at me and said that I was super DRY! 

I was so surprised and just assumed that because I was young I should be using products that stripped the skin (LITERALLY) and prevented breakouts even though I never had them. SO not only was I using the wrong products for hydrating my skin, I was making matters worse by drying it out even more.

The reason why knowing our skin type is so important is because:

  1. We want to add into our routine the products that will help with our type
  2. Using the right ingredients for our skin type will help improve the condition of our skin

Can we change the type of skin we have? 

NO, that is something that we are born with. We CAN change/improve the condition (such as dehydration, breakouts etc) 

If you are not sure of your skin type there are a few ways to find out. 

  • Using the "barefaced" method (Wash your skin and do not put any products on after. In 40 minutes you can check your skin to see the natural state. If you are oily all over you are oily. If you feel dry, tight or itchy you are dry and if you have t-zone oil but normal to dry everywhere else you are combination! 
  • See a professional. I can tell in two seconds what your skin type is, if I can touch your skin even faster. Skin care therapists are trained to determine what your type is and can let you know. 

Lets pair a product with each type:


REBOOT oil delivers oil to the skin which a dry skin is lacking. 
RENEW watermelon mask is clay which helps absorb excess oil! 
UNDO serum is the perfect serum to deliver hydration without oil, balancing out both oiliness and dehydration.
Let me know below if you have questions about your skin type and we will help you sort it out! 

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