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What Is My Skin Type?

What Is My Skin Type?
Skin types are what we are predisposed to have through our genetics and also the environmental factors such as the way we care for our skin. I remember the first time I had a facial, I told my esthetician I had oily skin and she looked at me like I was crazy. She said I had the driest skin ever. I was only 20 years old, yet I had massively dry and dehydrated skin (it didn't help that I was using an astringent with alcohol that was literally striping my skin. I won't mention any names, but we all started there). Although I could take action to help alleviate the extreme dry condition my skin was in, I was always going to be a dry skin type. 

So, what are the different skin types?

  • Normal- The last time my skin was normal I was 5 years old. Normal skin is perfectly balanced with oil and hydration. As we age the state of our skin changes but if you are normal skin type, you do not have too many issues or concerns which we will talk more about below.
  • Oily- Oily skin types have an excess of oil or sebum. This can lead to breakouts and cause problems like enlarged pores. But the silver lining is oily skin keeps you young! The women I treat that have oily skin look much more youthful and there are less fine lines and wrinkles visible. And the good news is the oil production tends to slow down as we age. 
  • Combination (or combo)- Just like it sounds, combination skin can be a combo of oily and dry or dehydrated. Most commonly the "t-zone" forehead, nose and chin tend to be the oily zones and the cheeks less so.
  • Dry- This is when the skin lacks oil. The great news about dry skin is it tends to have less breakouts and problematic reactions. While the down side is fine lines and wrinkles can be more enhanced. This is a little different than dehydration which is a skin condition where the skin lacks water.
  • Sensitive- Sensitive skin can tend to be more on the dehydrated side but not always. This is a skin type that can be reactive, red, or rashy. It can include different conditions such as Rosacea and distended ("broken") capillaries causing the skin to be red.

Although skin types will not change, skin conditions and changes occur throughout life. For example the skin can change due to the environment, hormonal changes and even become sensitized due to harsh ingredients and poor lifestyle choices. Though practicing a regular skin care regimen the health and condition can improve regardless of your skin type. 

What is your skin type, have you noticed the skin changing over time? 

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