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What Ingredients to Avoid in Your Products!

What Ingredients to Avoid in Your Products!
When I started Simply Jess I had a promise to deliver results with clean and safe ingredients. I wanted everything in my line to be free of harmful chemicals making it safe for even my little ones to use. I think it is important to remember that chemicals are not necessarily a bad thing. For example, water is a chemical and of course harmless. What we are talking about when we say 'we don't want to use chemicals on our skin', are the harmful chemicals. Chemicals that have been known to have a negative effect in our bodies or the environment. Below are just a handful of ingredients you will never find in Simply Jess products and a brief explanation why. It is good to know this list so you can check your skin care labels with whatever brands you are using. 

Products I will never use in Simply Jess:

Parabens- Used as a preservative in skin care. Have been found to disrupt hormones in the body. 

Synthetic Fragrance- This is simple, it is used to make the product smell great! Fake chemical fragrance can be a terrible allergen and also a hormone disruptor. Simply Jess products have an aroma but it is from naturally derived sources and is always used as a tool to help the skin- not for the smell. 

Synthetic Color- Brands use synthetic color to make the product look visually appealing. The result can be irritation on the skin and I find this totally unnecessary. 

Sodium Lauryl Sulfate- This ingredient is used in as a foaming agent, think shampoo, cleanser etc. It can cause great sensitivity in the skin. 

Formaldehyde-Used as a preservative. It is a known carcinogen and has even been banned in Japan and Sweden for use in cosmetics. 

Triclosan-This is a microbial agent found in many deodorants and acne products. This is a known endocrine disruptor and there have been links to the over use of this ingredient causing antibiotic resistance in bacteria.

I believe many people don't realize the compounding factor when you add up all the personal care, cleaning products and items in our food that are potentially harmful and what the ramifications can be. As we educate ourselves on the items we should avoid and begin to remove them the better we can feel about this toxic load and how it can really cause problems in our lives. At first i was overwhelmed by this but now I feel empowered to make the right choices for myself and my family. Keep reading your labels! 

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