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Top Tips for Oily Skin Types! What is a good skin care routine?

Top Tips for Oily Skin Types! What is a good skin care routine?

Having oily skin can be a challenge. Makeup doesn't stay on properly, I've heard clients describe it as makeup sliding off. Also breakouts and clogged pores can be an issue with oily skin.

A few things to note about oily skin:

  • Oily Skin is a Skin TYPE- although there are things we can do to manage the oil, it is genetic. 
  • Hormones and our age play a roll in how much oil our skin produces.

So what can we do about this? 

    1. Avoid harsh/drying products- its seems like a great idea! Because yes, it works, but only for a while. Soon the skin will start to overproduce oil and you'll have dehydration as well.
    2. Using hydrating products- this doesn't sound like an important step for oily skin! However oily skin needs hydration (water) to keep the skin barrier healthy. 
    3. Regular Exfoliation-This is key to help the skin stay balanced and keeping the oil in check. 
    4. Many people have to use blotting papers to help manage the huge amount of oil that is produced throughout the day.


Favorite Products for OILY SKIN

REPAIR toner-

A toner makes a world of difference when treating oily skin! I like to use a cotton pad with REPAIR toner after removing makeup.

RENEW watermelon mask
This clay based mask is amazing for drawing out impurities and balancing oil in the skin. It also has an exfoliating effect making it dual acting. 
BOOST vitamin c complex
Vitamin c has help promote cellular turnover and encourage balance. One of our favorite ingredients niacinamide helps with oil reduction, pore size and acne, a win win! 
The most amazing part of having oily skin? Younger looking skin! People with oily skin tend to show less wrinkles and visible signs of aging, so thats a major plus! 
What tools have you used for oily skin? I would love to hear below in the comments! 

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