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Three Essential Oils That Can Brighten Your Mood

Three Essential Oils That Can Brighten Your Mood
We have all been experiencing some sort of lockdown for a while now, for us it is 7/8 weeks. I am always on the look out for ways to brighten my mood and make my day a little happier. Since I love using essential oils in my home I have been using my diffuser to diffuse oils that are known to be uplifting. Today I will share a few that I am loving and how I use them! Remember when using essential oils always dilute them if you are going to use them topically with a carrier oil.

No surprises here, this is a very popular essential oil that is used for many different reasons. One of them is to help alleviate stress and anxiety. I know I have a bit more of that in my life currently. I love to use this one is the evening as it also has a nice relaxing effect as well. Other than diffusing you can use a drop of this in your body lotion or add it to your bath. This is such a safe oil and my go to for my kids. 

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One of my favorite type of oils to use are citrus oils. Some of my favorite include Orange Oil, Grapefruit and Lemon. I love to diffuse these oils because of they are invigorating but also very up lifting. This is my go to choice when I am doing something I do not feel like doing and need some motivation. One of my new favorite blends to diffuse is called Fitness, which contains grapefruit and lemon among other oils. In the description it mentions it helps with frustration (hello homeschooling). The brand is Rocky Mountain Oils and I love this company, here is the link to this oil  They have many other blends to help with mood as well.

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Whatever Oil You LOVE! 

I feel like it goes without saying that finding your own scent that you love will make you happy. Because scent is so personal, what one person loves another person will not enjoy at all.

I like to use my oils in different ways but my favorite ways are diffusing them into the air, using them topically (like spraying REPAIR toner throughout the day or adding oils to my body lotion and using them in my bath. Adding these rituals to my day always make me feel better. I have friends say my house smells like a spa and I love that! My wish for you everyone is to find little ways to boost your mood and add a bit of happiness to your day. ​

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