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The Amazing Benefits of White Tea!

The Amazing Benefits of White Tea!
I have really been enjoying my cup of tea nightly. I also have been enjoying brewing tea and keeping it cold for the hot summer days. I thought I would share what I have been drinking and why! 

I am a huge fan of white tea and have been for years. Ever since I have discovered the benefits of white tea for the reasons I will lay out below, I have been drinking it and also knew I wanted to incorporate this wonder ingredient into Simply Jess. 

Why is White Tea So Beneficial? 

  • Potent Antioxidant- White tea contains polyphenols which are helpful to protecting the skin cells from free radical damage. This powerful antioxidant can help protect from inflammation and even boost immunity. 
  • Helps Protect from Skin Aging- Because of the protection the antioxidants provide it can also help protect the skin internally and externally from environmental damage. 
  • Less Processed than Green Tea- Both teas come from the same plant but white tea is harvested earlier,  retaining more of the antioxidant potential. 

I actually like the taste better than green tea as well, it doesn't taste as bitter to me. I also recommend using a white tea that is organic due to the high amounts of pesticides sprayed on these crops. There is something so comforting about having a cup of tea that feels like self care, as my friend says it feels like a hug in a cup. 

Topical Benefits: 

Because of the amazing benefits of white tea for the skin, I have included white tea extract in both my UNDO serum and BOOST vitamin c complex. Not only does it help prevent damage it is also rejuvenating and repairing-WIN WIN! 

Do you drink white or green tea? Have you noticed any health benefits? 

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