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Thanksgiving Beauty Tips

Thanksgiving Beauty Tips
Thanksgiving is upon us and in some cases the holiday can lead to under sleeping, over eating and stress. All three can also lead to a lackluster skin so I am going to give you three tips to keep your skin looking its best this holiday season! 

1. Add some extra self care 

Taking some time to do something for yourself can do wonders. For me a hot bath and a facial mask helps me rejuvenate. A walk outdoors, even five minutes in quiet or listening to a meditation app is also amazing for stress. This is especially wonderful if you have loud kids home from the school the whole week ;). 

2. Hydrate! 

This time of year can be ultra dry and everyone I talk to is telling me how dry their skin is. Drinking extra water, adding electrolytes to your water and topically adding in moisture will help a ton. I use my Repair toner not only in the morning but throughout the day this time of year. And since you can use on top of makeup it makes it a great solution for dry and dehydrated skin. 

3. Take it up a notch! 

Go for a little extra special skin treat. A facial, a new hand held micro current device or red light will  help brighten and hydrate. I am loving my NuFace hand held micro current device! More details on this to come. I also have a scheduled facial with one of my favorite estheticians the weekend after Thanksgiving to get back on track and holiday ready.

Enjoy this holiday season and take some time for yourself! 

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