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Superstar Ingredient- Vitamin C

Superstar Ingredient- Vitamin C
Today I am highlighting the superstar ingredient vitamin C! It is a powerhouse for the skin and I want to dive a little deeper into why that is so. Vitamin C has been used in skin care to help protect the skins cells from damage from oxidation. Think of an apple that is left out on the counter, it will turn brown once it is cut and exposed to air. But when we coat the apple in lemon juice it keeps the apple bright and white. The same process happens with the skin. 

Free radicals are what attack our skin cells causing them damage and changing the health of the cell. What this looks like on our skin is fine lines and wrinkles, pigmentation and overall dullness. A few sources of free radicals are cigarette smoke, uv rays and smog. These are considered stressors to the skin. When we have a product that contains antioxidants like vitamin C it will help prevent damage to skin cells.

And the really amazing benefit to wearing a vitamin C is it can even repair damage that has already happened. This is why experts in the beauty industry recommend using a vitamin C daily, to help with existing fine lines and pigmentation. It also stimulates collagen production, a crucial step to keep the skin looking its best. 

Other benefits of using vitamin C
  • Brightness
  • Overall Glow
  • Wound Healing
  • Protection

For my clients who are starting to see the signs of aging and want to start actively treating their skin, a vitamin C serum is one of the first products I suggest. I don't love the term anti-aging, I use it from time to time because it can help explain what a product is designed for. But the truth is, as we age the goal should not be to fight it but to use tools that will combat some of the factors that will effect the skin. I am ok with having wrinkles in my forties but I want my skin to glow and look hydrated. The more I use the products that help protect and even reverse some of the damage, the more my fine lines plump out naturally-this is always my goal! 

BOOST vitamin C complex is what I use every single day, a.m. and p.m. to help me achieve the results I am looking for in an anti-aging product. In this active serum, I have combined other powerhouse antioxidants because vitamin C works synergistically with other antioxidants to make it more effective. This leads to more protection, repairing action and results. Using your vitamin C regularly and being consistent will give you the best results. Do you use a vitamin C in your skin care regimen?

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