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Super Star Ingredient-Organic Lemon Juice Extract

Super Star Ingredient-Organic Lemon Juice Extract
Lemon Juice Benefits​

PictureToday I am highlighting a super star ingredient: Organic Lemon Juice Extract. Lemon contains potent antioxidant values to the skin and countless overall benefits in many different areas. You can find lemon in cleaning products because of its antiseptic qualities.
It is used internally to promote hydration,  improved skin health and can even aid in digestion. I have been drinking a few tablespoons of lemon juice in my water daily and am loving it. (I have heard there can be negative effects from drinking lemon water when it comes to tooth enamel, so I drink it with a straw just in case.) I have been buying lemon juice concentrate from Costco and the flavor is really good. I also add fresh mint leaves because I love the flavor of lemon and mint together. Another benefit of adding mint is it aids in digestion. 
Lemon and the Skin

Lemons contain flavonoids that offer potent antioxidant properties making this ingredient amazing for skin health. They are rich in vitamins, minerals and citric acid making it an amazing option for natural skin brightening. The skin conditions that this ingredient is helpful for are: 

Dull Skin
Rough Skin Texture 

I use Organic Lemon Juice Extract in my BOOST vitamin c complex because of how well it works together with the other highly effective antioxidant ingredients. Combined with Vitamin C extract, Organic White Tea Extract and Orange Oil, these ingredients create an antioxidant medley that helps promote cellular protection and brightening in a powerful and all natural way. You can read more about the benefits of using BOOST vitamin c complex here

To receive the biggest boost of antioxidant protection, remember to use products topically and also internally through diet and nutrition. 


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