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REBOOT with Rosehip Seed Oil!

REBOOT with Rosehip Seed Oil!

When we created REBOOT restorative oil, we were looking for natural ingredients that work wonders on the skin. Our goal was brightening ingredients, anti-aging super stars and hydration. Rosehip seed oil is amazing for tackling all three of these goals all while being completely natural and toxin-free. The high Vitamin A in Rosehip seed oil is fantastic for promoting cellular turnover which helps with improved skin tone. This is also helpful for brightening the skin! Some other benefits include:


  • Promotes Collagen Production
  • High in Vitamin C
  • Super Moisturizing 

As we are approaching Fall weather and the seasons are changing (someone please send the memo to southern california to turn off the heat!), this is the perfect time to change up your skin care routine. Especially in climates that have more extreme changes in weather, our skin will have different needs during different times of year. I like to incorporate products that help repair some of the damage we may have due to our fun in the sun during summer and also get in for a treatment and some exfoliation. Also as we get into the colder months our skin tends to need more moisture and more protection against the elements. 

This is just one of the super star ingredients that make REBOOT so effective. I love to share that this is a medium weight oil so not super heavy. I love this product for before makeup application because it gives the skin that dewy look I love so much. Are you new to facial oils? If you have any questions let me know in the comments below! 

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