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New Year, New Skin

New Year, New Skin
After the holidays it is normal to experience some after effects with your skin. Too much sugar? Too little sleep? Traveling to a dry climate or flying? This can show up in your skin with breakouts, dark circles under your eyes or lackluster skin. With the new year here some people decide to get back on track with their habits and there are definitely ways you can help your skin get back in shape too. 

1. Get back to your regular sleep schedule.

I remember hearing Deepok Chopra say sleep is the number one action you can take for heath, over food, over exercise, even over meditation. Was your regular sleep schedule pretty crappy even before the holidays? Time to take a look at that. Skin repairs it self at night (along with every other part of our body!), so this would be a great New Years goal to get more sleep.

2. Sugar Detox! 

Well if I am being totally honest, the amount of cookies I have had this year may have surpassed many recent years. And I am not a big sweets person but my daily cookie intake has not been good for my skin. While it has been super hydrated and maintains a glow, I have had a few breakouts over this holiday and I know that sugar is the culprit. This can also happen with the stress the holidays bring, so a new plan of taking it easy and getting back on track with stress and sugar is going to do wonders for the skin.

3. Clean your Make up Brushes

This should be done on a regular basis but its a great time to grab all your make up brushes and give them a good washing. I know this is something that seems like a bit of a pain to do but contaminated brushes can lead to breakouts so take the time to do this! 

I am wishing every one of you the most wonderful year ahead, Happy 2019! 

​Simply Jess 

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