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Making the Switch!

Making the Switch!

I have always had a bit of a phobia about sweating. I always felt like I was some one who would sweat a lot whether working out or even just a hot day. When I worked in cosmetics at Macys and Nordstroms, the girls in the department turned me on to an antiperspirant that they all used. I fell in love with it because it worked so well! I kept one in my purse so I could re apply throughout the day. 

What I didn't know then was the aluminum in it blocked the sweat glands and so when it wore off I would sweat like crazy and would have to reapply. It was literally blocking the natural process of detoxification our body uses and needs. I didn't know that it could be harmful to apply over 18% aluminum to my under arms on my lymph nodes and honestly, even if I did know, my 20 year old self would not have cared. I didn't even mind that it was almost 20 bucks and this was years ago.  

As I began to learn about how what we apply topically onto our skins matter, I learned about the alternatives to antiperspirant. Around this time my friend who had been diagnosed with cancer told me one of the first instructions from her oncologist was to switch off the aluminum based antiperspirants and go natural. I thought that was pretty telling! 

So I made the switch and it wasn't pretty. After years of wearing such a highly potent formula of aluminum, it took me a good two weeks to adjust. My side effects during this switch included:

  • Increased sweat!-my glands were free to release and they were backlogged. I had been unhealthily blocking them for years! 
  • Smell-I felt like I became smellier for a short period, but that didn't last long
  • More sweat!-honestly this was a good two weeks

The end result? I sweat WAY less than I ever did. My body completely regulated after my old antiperspirant was out of my system, I am covered in the stink department even after a hard workout and I never have to re-apply (although some people I have talked to, do). I quit cold turkey and even though I didn't think it would work it finally did. I think clean eating and healthy regular detoxing (like exercise) makes this work even better! The switch has certainly been worth it for me. If I have advice for people making the switch I would say give it time, don't give up when it doesn't seem to be working right away.
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