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It's FAQ Time!

It's FAQ Time!

Since I get so many repeat questions about my line and skin care in general, I thought I would share some of the most frequently asked questions here. If you still have a question after this post, please ask! Here we go:

Q- In what order do I put my products on? 

A- I get this one the most. I like to say a general rule of thumb is to apply the lightest to heaviest in terms of product feel. For example, this would be a pretty typical regimen:

1. Cleanser
2. Exfoliator *this is a step you can do a few times a week
3. Mask *also not a daily product
2. Toner
3. Treatment products/serums 
4. Moisturizer/Oil
5. Sun Protection *if daytime

For Simply Jess products you would cleanse and then use REPAIR toner and follow up with UNDO serum.

Q- Why do I need a toner and what does it do? 

A- This is a product many people leave out and wonder why they even need to bother with one. First of all there are different types of toners. Toners can bring the pH of the skin back to balance after the cleansing step. Toners help deliver the treatment products deeper into the skin because of the moisture they provide. Some toners are more antiseptic, helping to regulate sebum production in the skin, (great for oily skin type but I would avoid alcohol based toners). 

The REPAIR toner in the Simply Jess line has a few additional benefits. It is loaded with antioxidants so it helps protect your skin from sun exposure. It also has ingredients that help with calming redness and inflammation. And it is super for overall hydration. The great thing about the spray bottle is you can apply throughout the day and even on top of makeup!

Q- How often should I use a treatment serum? 

A- I get this specifically about my UNDO serum. Morning and night for the best results is recomended. Some people have another serum they like to use so you can alter them (one serum in the morning and one at night), to target different results or you can even layer them. 

Q- I have sensitive skin, can I use your product line?

A- YES! So far every product I have created is amazing for sensitive skin. I use ingredients such as Aloe Vera, Arnica and coconut water which have tremendous positive effects on redness and irritated skin. 

Q- How often should I receive a facial treatment/facial?

A- In a perfect world 4-6 weeks is ideal. The reality is I don't know many people who stick to that! I am a huge believer in getting in for a treatment with a great esthetician, having a deep cleanse and also who doesn't love a facial massage!? My advice is to get them when you can and do what works for you. In between treatments you can exfoliate, mask and use really great skin care to help your skin looking its best.

Thanks for reading and please let me know if there is something I can answer for you! 

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