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Improving Dry Skin-Using Our Secret Weapon Ingredient!

Improving Dry Skin-Using Our Secret Weapon Ingredient!

One of the most popular products in the Simply Jess line is our REPAIR toner. It is a very unique toner as it has many functions and treats many different skin concerns. We have talked about some of the ingredients before but today I want to share an ingredient that is truly unique, super potent and less well known! 

  • Rose of Jerico 

This plant is found in the desert in Mexico where the climate is dry and harsh. It is nicknamed the resurrection plant for its ability to regenerate after dying and coming back to life. It is a powerful herb used medicinally for centuries for a plethora of ailments. Even used for spiritual practices, its history is fascinating. 

Skincare application:

Using this ingredient in skincare helps water retention by preventing water loss. It is protecting and soothing making it a key ingredient for sensitivities and dryness. It is ULTRA moisturizing, all natural and an antioxidant. Super hero ingredient for sure! 


REPAIR toner is a great option for dry, dehydrated, sensitive skin types. Our clients with eczema see a great improvement in their skin with this toner. On top of Rose of Jerico, REPAIR toner also includes coconut water, lavender floral water and arnica to soothe and repair the skins barrier. 

If you have questions about REPAIR, leave them for us to answer in the comments! 


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