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Gua Sha LOVE!

Gua Sha LOVE!


Several months ago I discovered the Gua sha tool and then started seeing it all over the internet. At first I was a little intimidated by it but I have to say that now, I am in love with it. My fellow esthetician and friend Lili Mineni recently gave me a holistic treatment where she used this jade Gua sha for the face and I was instantly hooked. I have been seeing these tools everywhere, along with the jade rollers. I first tried the roller, which I love too, but the Gua sha delivers more results in my opinion.
What the heck is it?

Gua sha is a tool used in eastern medicine to perform what is called scraping or spooning. There are all different sizes and ailments it can treat on the body. It helps move stagnant blood and generate movement in the lymph system which is helpful for immune system. It is also anti inflammatory. Different practitioners such as physical therapists, massage therapists and acupuncturists can utilize these tools for the body and estheticians are able to incorporate this tool in the treatment room too.

What I love about using it on the face is that anyone can do this at home. I have been using mine for a few months now and I can most definitely see a nice difference in my skin. 

How to use it? 

After you cleanse your skin apply a serum or oil. Typically you want to keep the strokes in an upward motion toward the ears. I will be doing a video on a simple technique you can easily do at home (there are also a bunch of Youtube tutorials). I am loving the ritual of doing this at night,  it also feels amazing! Some of the benefits of facial Gua sha are firming, lifting, working on fine surface lines and its also great for de-puffing the eye area. One important area not to miss is the neck where Gua sha can promote circulation of blood and to release tension. 

Where to purchase? 

Gua sha is widely available nowadays, from Amazon to Sephora. Finding one you like the best and seeing how it works with your face shape and finding a color you prefer is all you need to choose. The two most popular types are green jade or rose quartz and is mostly a personal preference. These materials keep cool naturally making it feel amazing on the skin!

My final verdict?

I am hooked. I see how ultra popular these tools are becoming and feel like this is such an interesting trend. I also see the surge in demand from the skin care industry for natural products, natural procedures and just getting back to basics. And I am all about it! Have you tried Gua sha or rollers? 

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