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Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin

Foods to Avoid for Glowing Skin
I have heard from a few friends and clients about how their skin has not been looking its best lately and how during the summer they tend to overindulge. With so many summer parties and bbq's it seems pretty easy to do. Most people are off their normal schedules and many moms I have spoken to look forward to the kids heading back to school to get back on track with their routines and food.

Some of these overindulgences can totally affect the skin in a negative way. I know personally I have had skin rashes and redness in the past just because of a food I was eating. I know people with mystery breakouts that clear up when they reset their diet or cut out some inflammatory foods. Below I am going to highlight a few foods to cut back on or avoid to get your skin looking better from the inside out! 

  • Sugar- Too much sugar can actually damage the elastin and collagen in the skin tissue. This can eventually lead to fine lines and wrinkles and other signs that the skin is being damaged.

  • Alcohol- This is especially damaging to sensitive skin types, people with Rosacea can see an increase in redness and sensitivity from drinking alcohol. Alcohol also contains high amounts of sugar which goes back to damaging the proteins in the skin. Because of the dehydrating effects on the skin, fine lines and wrinkles may appear more pronounced. 

  • Saltly, processed foods- Foods rich in high amounts of salt can be extremely dehydrating on the skin as well. Highly processed and greasy foods are not great for your skin but the myth that they cause acne has been debunked. Just make sure you don't go touching your face after enjoying french fries. Also, something to make a note of is these fried foods are superheated in vegetable oils that can cause free radical damage within the body. This can also lead to signs of aging on the skins surface.

If you are seeing a negative difference in your skin and have been consuming many of these foods, try cutting back or going without and see if it helps get the glow back into your skin. I think when we start with something as simple as what we are eating when we are having skin issues, this alone can lead to huge positive changes. I recommend trying a program like the Whole 30 for a month if you are experiencing skin problems or feel like you need to reset. Especially people who are having unexplained breakouts or rashes, it is so common for those to be caused by food. Have food choices ever had a negative impact on your skin?

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