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Detoxing the Skin!

Detoxing the Skin!
As almost everyone knows, our skin is our bodies largest organ. The skin, lymphatic system, digestive system, liver, and the kidneys are the most important organs for detoxification and work together to keep us healthy. Sometimes we can see a negative change in the skin; breakouts, lackluster appearance or dark circles and this can be a sign a detox is in order! 

Below I will list some of the tools I love to incorporate when I feel my body and skin need a mini re-boot and get back to feeling and looking so much better.

  • Exercise- One of the ways we detox the skin is perspiration! I do this through a great workout. It is so great for the body and mind and a healthy way to detox. 
  • Dry Brushing- Dry brushing helps the lymph move though the lymph system which assists with naturally detoxifying the body.  It helps smooth the skin and lightly exfoliates. I like to do this right before a shower and it feels great. 
  • Bath- Another great way to promote detoxification is a bath. I add Epsom salts to help draw out toxins and love adding Orange essential oil which is great for detox and energy. Orange and citrus are my favorite scents this summer. 
  • Water- I know I find a way to add this to every blog post but WATER! Drinking water leads to natural elimination and can help flush out toxins. Dehydration is never good for the skin, so make sure to drink up.
  • Skin Care Products- While using a skin care product will not detoxify your body, what they can do is help remove dirt, debris and dead skin. So in that sense some products contain detoxifying properties or actions. 
    • Mask- Try a charcoal, mud or clay mask to help draw out impurities. These are great for normal, oily, combination skin types or any skin with congestion. I love the ASARI  Earth Tones Facial Mask for this skin type.
    • Vitamin C- This ingredient is a great defense as free radical scavenger, use it daily and especially in the a.m. Try BOOST vitamin c complex under your daily moisturizer or sun protection. 

Hope this helps if your skin is needing revitalization or is lacking that glow we all desire! 

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