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Detoxify with Gua Sha—Follow these Simple Steps

Detoxify with Gua Sha—Follow these Simple Steps

Detoxification is a popular topic, especially this time of year. After the holidays as many people are wanting to get back on track with their healthier lifestyle, interest in detoxing increases. Detoxification is something our bodies are doing all the time without any effort on our part, but there are things we can do to help this process.

The lymphatic system and the cardiovascular system work together to help flush toxins and keep the blood and lymph moving. The lymphatic system doesn't have a "pump" like the heart that moves the blood. To move lymph fluid,  it's important to help this process along, especially if you are experiencing break outs, bloating, dry skin and fatigue to name a few symptoms.

A few ways we can encourage healthy lymph movement:

  • Exercise/walking 
  • Sweating/sauna
  • Hydrotherapy 
  • Massage/Dry Brushing/Gua Sha

Using a facial gua sha, we can work on moving lymph that gets backed up in the neck area due to the many lymph nodes located in this area. This can help with achieving clearer skin and a firmer neck.

Steps to consider before you begin: 

  1. Clean skin and apply facial oil for easy gliding of tool
  2. Always start on the neck
  3. Start on the left side
  4. Breathe as you move the tool, relax!

There are so many benefits when we use this tool. It complements any skin care routine and every skin type. The one precaution while using is do not go over active breakouts, but you can definitely use it on the neck area while experiencing acne breakouts. 

Do you have a gua sha tool? Do you find that it helps your skin? 


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