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Detoxification For Healthy Skin!

Detoxification For Healthy Skin!

Recently I have been working on incorporating detoxification in my daily life. After getting a cold and not feeling my best and at the same time working on ongoing health issues I have been struggling with, taking time to work on "detoxing" is important. I have always struggled with my immune system and even had a doctor tell me that I was born with a weak immune system.

The more I learn about healthy living and lifestyle the more I learn that there are many ways we can help our immunity and healthy detoxification is one of them. 

One way I work on this is with daily dry brushing. This is a super easy and quick way to get the lymph moving in our body. 

Dry Brushing can be simply incredible for healthy skin and overall health! Simply incorporating dry brushing into your daily routine can help:

  • Increase circulation
  • detoxify body through lymphatic drainage
  • softening skin as it exfoliates
  • helps firm the skin

I bought my brush on amazon and it has lasted a really long time. Here is the brush I use

One thing to note is this is a body brush and too rough for the face. Although there are facial dry brushes, they are not my favorite tool. Most people apply too much pressure and it could cause damage to the skin. I much prefer the facial gua sha which is super effective and safe for the face: GUA SHA 

I will be sharing other ways I work on moving my lymph, detoxing and building up my immune system in future posts so please comment any questions you have. 

The skin in related to all of this and one sign things are not working as well as they should is when the skin breaks out in a rash or breakout. Stay tuned! 

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