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5 Ways to Boost Your Skin Health WITHOUT Spending Money!

5 Ways to Boost Your Skin Health WITHOUT Spending Money!
Today I want to share five ways to improve your skin, without buying anything. Increasing healthy lifestyle choices goes a long way for the health and look of our skin. I can say personally when I take action in these areas, my skin looks healthy and at its best! 

1. Sleep

This is my number one tip for my clients who feel like their skin hasn't been looking its best. I know it can be hard to get the perfect amount of sleep (thank you very much time change:/) but this can lead to better looking skin. And of course sleep is amazing for just about everything in our bodies so try to create a better sleep routine! 

2. Remove make-up before you go to bed

I have spoken about removing make-up each night before because it is such an important step in your skin care routine. While we sleep at night (here we go again with sleep!), our cells are regenerating at night and repairing. It is important we apply our wonderful serums and oils AT NIGHT, to help the skin receive the benefits these products bring without the barrier of makeup. Sleeping in makeup can also cause clogged pores because we have not properly removed bacteria from the face.

3. Hydrate! 

Dehydrated skin looks dull and without the glow we all crave. Drinking water helps but also cutting back on liquids that dehydrate.  Using topical hydrating ingredients like hyaluronic acid make a huge difference as well! 

4. Wash your pillowcases often

For those of you who breakout or have acne this is a very important step! Experts advise weekly or even more frequent washing of pillowcases to prevent bacteria build up where your face is resting for so many hours a day. Oils from the skin and hair can cause problems, so regularly changing out your pillowcase is a great idea. Other experts recommend using a material that is soft like silk or other light weight materials for not only skin but for healthy hair. 

5. Clean those make-up brushes! 

Yea yea I know, we all know we should do this step but I know many of us are not cleaning our brushes on a regular basis. Brushes have a bacteria build up, which is then transferred to your skin. It also can contaminate your make-up. I have even heard of unclean brushes leading to skin rashes. For many people it could be an issue without even knowing about it so make sure you take the time to get them sanitized! Just a reminder, go wash them! 

That is what I have for you on free ways to get your skin looking its best and staying healthy. Are you taking these steps? What other routines do you perform to help your skin look its best?

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