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3 Tips From an Esthetician!

3 Tips From an Esthetician!

In my years of working as an esthetician, I found myself delivering the same advice for my clients no matter what the skin type. I even found myself giving this advice to clients that were seasoned in skin care so I thought I would share some of the most common tips here. 

1. Exfoliation should be a weekly routine-
One of the issues I came across is a build up of clogged pores. One way to help prevent this is through regular exfoliation. A basic rule of thumb is one to two times per week, but the product you use will have instructions on usage. So many of my clients did not do this and I could tell during extraction time! This is especially important during this Covid time when we are wearing masks and bacteria build up is occurring. 

2. Wash your face at night-
Many of my clients confessed that washing their skin at night was not happening! One of the most important reasons to wash your face is to remove the makeup/debris from the day. Our skin cells are rejuvenating at night so it is the best time to be applying your targeted skin care. 

Even oily skin can be dehydrated. Keeping skin hydrated ensures the skin doesn't produce excess oil which can lead to breakouts. If you are oily use products that contain lightweight ingredients that deliver a high impact like hyaluronic acid. This will add water hydration and not heaviness from oil based products. If you are dry, use the oils and creams to nourish your skin. 
Staying hydrated is important as it helps plump out skin making it an anti-aging tool! 

Do you have a solid skin care routine? Do you exfoliate? I would love to hear in the comments below!

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